I started my professional qualification in Accounting in 2009 and got through the earlier stages quickly. Getting to the penultimate stage, On my first attempt I failed and put it down to inadequate preparation. I decided to shut out everything and everyone in order to focus on the 2nd attempt and so I stopped going to church and would rather go to the library on Sunday mornings. The thought was, I was doing my part (studying and not going to church) and expected God to do his own part. I wrote the exams with the hope of a better outcome. The results came out and I failed all papers marginally. At this point I became so depressed; I was lucky My Dad who is a Pastor was around at the time and was speaking to Myself and my brother on the blessings that accrue from serving God he directed us to Deuteronomy 28, I was so convicted and re-dedicated my life to Christ I realised my human ability wasn’t enough and decided to hand it all to God. I started coming to church again and engaged in the prayer and fasting.

I got to the final stage in 2012 and the challenge started again, I attempted it the first time and failed by 2 marks, I wasn’t bothered because I knew God had plans for me. The second time I did it and failed by a mark. At that point I decided I was going to join a service unit(Sanctuary Keepers). I ensured I served with commitment  I made myself available to serve at the Convention as well and on tagged it as my 2nd request to my shiloh sacrifice. As we were about to begin the 21 days prayer and fasting

I attempted the paper the 3rd time, it seemed harder than my previous attempts. The thought that I was going to fail came, as in one of the papers I knew only one question out four questions, however I remembered Pastor David once said, “Say what you want and not what you see”  Immediately I started saying I will not fail. I wrote a little note in my answer booklet to the marker saying “I don’t know how you are going to do this; “I’m a child of God and I must not fail”On the third attempt of my last Exam, I anointed my hands before the exams as usual and at the end of the paper I anointed every sheet of my Answer booklet declaring that I will not fail. The results came out and thank God I passed.